Start tracking your Design KPIs

Extract real business value from your design work. Ensure the best ROI for every penny you spend on product design.

Design KPI Dashboard

Simplified design management

From helping you track the right design KPIs to creating custom reports.
PurpUX removes complexity from design management.

No more endless discussions based on nothing but gut feeling. Get the numbers you need to make educated product decisions.

System Usability Scale (Coming soon)

Task Success Rate (Coming soon)

User Error Rate (Coming soon)

Rating system
PURE method gives you results that are easy to interpret
Quantitative KPI

PURE – Pragmatic Usability Rating by Experts

  1. Quantify how difficult your product is to use.
  2. Get qualitative insights into how to Improve it.

All with a relatively low budget and timeframe.


The impact of your design updates

How are your design decisions affecting your KPIs? Knowing which past choices have worked can help you decide better in the future.

  • Track how each design iteration moves the needle on your KPIs
  • Use historical data to compare previous versions vs. the latest update
  • Get the numbers you need to justify your design decisions
  • Easily justify the design budget

One place, not all over the place

Behavioral and attitudinal UX metrics in one place.

As designers we know that one type of KPI only tells us part of the story. That’s why we always try to blend user rating systems with qualitative feedback from usability testing.

However, most teams record all these data on hundreds of excel sheets. Then they try to pull these sheets together to see how they have performed over time. This has always been a time consuming and cumbersome task.

At PurpUX we want to help design teams focus on actual design and research rather than struggling with boring excel sheets. That’s why we’re building the ultimate UX KPI dashboard.

Our User Experience KPI dashboard can help keep everything organized
UX KPI excel sheets

Say goodbye to excel sheets

No more “login-design-v3-test-final-final.xlsx”

Been There, Done That, Got the T‑Shirt! 😁😁 With PurpUX, you’ll no longer have to scan through 100s of excel files to find the results of that test for your next presentation.


Easily justify the design budget

Attitude towards the value of design change for the better when design teams work with PurpUX.

Showing the evolution of your design KPIs will make it easier to get that design budget approved.

Design budget approval for UX

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With support for industry-leading UX metrics — including PURE score
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